Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Gifts

My first beta experience was with this amazing author... Julie Morgan. You can check her website out here.

I loved her book, Fallen. PS -- it's schedule release date is December 1 and I shall be promoting it here and on facebook! It is a great book and I have already begged asked to beta for the follow up, Redemption.

She asked me to be her assistant at The Novel Experience Event in March, 2014 in Atlanta. Of course I said yes. We are having a blast making all sorts of plans and arrangements. Fun will definitely be had!

So this afternoon, the amazing Julie asked if I wanted to be her assistant at an August 2014 event-- Sin With The Saints. They are working up the website now but I have joined the facebook groups and I have already put in the calendar and I am blogging about it here. 

Excited much?

That would be a hell yeah! That it is in a state that I have not marked off the list is an added bonus! 

What a great early birthday present!