Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Beginnings

October 10, 2013 is a normal day.

Your average Thursday.

Granted, I had 5 grants due and it was the beginning of a four day weekend. But average nonetheless.


I decided to pursue a dream.

I started my own freelance editing business. I started a facebook page. You can see it here.

I found a mentor.

I have two references.

One I did beta for on her first novel. The other I am doing beta for on his. He is being grandfathered in. I don't want the new business to step on his work. And I love what I am doing with him.

He said he could be my dress rehearsal.

I loved it!

Today-- after suffering through a horrible migraine yesterday-- I sent out a sample of my contract to an interested party. I have come up with a pricing schedule and joined the Editorial Freelance Association.

Next will be to do some additional marketing. Design some business cards. Get the word out.

I am excited about this new endeavor!

If you have any questions. email me at